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Wanted: auratus or something for an eventual colony

we are trying to get our first pair of frogs, and were interested in the Dendrobates auratus... or any that will do well in a colony eventually... we have a pretty plush 10 gallon ready to go and are interested in raising them from any stage of youth. we are mainly looking for a "economically priced" set (will get more when we get a larger tank), including shipping to northern california... anybody got any tadpoles or anything? we've got lots of interesting plants i'd be willing to propagate or trade seeds for as well... possibly some myco innoculants, mediums/substrates, or specialty nutrients, as i have discounted access and can easily ship... if you can think of it and it's plant related, i probably have it, cash is my only real issue right now; i don't have much... any takers?

as far as what plants we'd trade...unfortunately most of them are large, but not all. we've got seed and seedlings of dykia fosteriana, seed of aristolochia californica (tall vine but beautiful) 2 stapeliads, species unknown, a ton of viable spider plant seed ( the plant is boring but you can seed the babies anywhere) we can harvest as much of what i see here referred to as "pillow moss" and another which covers the rocks here, and has 1-2" long fern like fronds... we have incredible red manzanita around or black after it's seasoned for a few years. we have hundreds of plants suitable for non miniature environments, most of which are heirloom vegetable and herb seeds, but as i said, we also sell OMRI certified mildew controls, fertilizers, and myco innoculants, as well as coconut fiber, LECA, net baskets for mounts, rubberized coco mats for tank backs, water and air pumps, and a rather interesting bubbler that i'll post a photo of that makes a really sweet water feature when covered in moss... we've probably got lots of other stuff usefull round these parts... let me know and i'd love to work something out... even for a used halide lamp or something if it's enough frogs....

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