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20g Long Viv

Hey guyss, I am wanting to use a 20g Long as my first Vivarium.

This Viv will have a false bottum to allow for a pond and water fall combo. For lighting, I was wondering you you all think that these light bulbs, two of them, would allow me to keep most plants in general? Is the 8,800k raiting good for the plants?

Because I am a beginner, I don't know too much about the plants that will be in my Viv, so I was wondering if getting these three assorted packs would be a good idea? ... ory_Code=S
and ... ory_Code=S
and ... ory_Code=S
I also will want moss growing on just about anything that isn't alive lol.

For the waterfall, I am thinking of using Cypress wood. What I want to do is take two flat pieces, and then put one in the uperleft corner waterfalling down towards the lower right corner and into a pool, where it will then go down the other piece of wood into the pond on the bottom left.

For the background, I am thinking of useing a premade one like this one. ... ory_Code=B

So, what do you all think?

BTW, I may pass on that background and use a "Great Stuff" background instead.

Instead of going with the PCs, what do you guys think about going with two NO Florescent Full Spectrum ligts? Both are 20 watts and 24" long. The tank is only 12" tall, and with the FB the plants will be about 8" from the lights.


What do you all think about this fogger? ... &N=0&Nty=1

Hm...I think I am going to go with an external Fogger. ... &N=0&Nty=1

And for your moss needs, may I recommend Oregon moss? I offer Dart Den members some of Oregon's finest. As I describe to individuals - i used to pay $10.00 + shipping for a deli dish of pillow moss that may or may not survive. What I offer is a USPS Flat Rate ($7.70) Priority Box - 11" x 8-1/2" x 5-1/2" filled with mosses, linchens and a fern or two. Depending what I can fit into the box.
I charge a collector's fee of $20.00 I give to my kids for collecting; I have a broken leg. I guarantee your satisfaction or you don't pay me (less shipping).
PM me if you're interested. And as a valued "repeat" customer I offer discounts of 20% on your next order.

Nice Moss Todd, I will have to PM you when I am ready for some Moss Smile

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