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Hagen Fogger

I can get one of these minature foggers very cheap... instead of putting it in the water in the tank, I wanted to place the item in a tupperware container, fill it with water, close it with a lid, silicone a tube in the top and have the tube run into the tank. Is this possible? I would imagine that it may not work because it is not pressurized. I could had an inlet to push the mist through... anyone have any suggestions. I would prefer not to use the Walgreens cool mister because I don't have the room for it. Thank you.

Instead of dealing with that problem, it turns out that the "option" of the Walgreens ultra sonic cool mist humidifier works out perfect. Even the parts I got from Home Depot seem to fit perfectly on the unit... makes me wonder if they had this in mind as an alternative use Smile

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