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Vert construction journal

well this is my first construction journal so bear with me
all the pics turned out yellowish sorry

heres the tank
[Image: P1010002.jpg]

the hood
[Image: P1010006.jpg]

the plexiglass bottom panel with tape and marking for vent holes i made one for the top to
[Image: P1010011.jpg]

view of the plexiglass with holes in it
[Image: P1010015.jpg]

close up view
[Image: P1010014.jpg]

finished product without door sorry for the crappy pic this was the best one out of like 30
[Image: P1010016.jpg]

close up of the bottom
[Image: P1010017.jpg]

with the false bottom in and the shore line cut out
[Image: falsebottemwithhole.jpg]

piece of wood im gonna use
[Image: wood.jpg]

just put the foam in. This was the first time I used the stuff and I thought it turned out better than I hoped the black thing is a film canister Im gonna use as a flower pot.
[Image: foam.jpg]

[Image: shore.jpg]

covering the great stuff
[Image: bgwcoco.jpg]

Done Background
[Image: bgdone.jpg]

Top of the background
[Image: bgtop.jpg]

next is the shore
[Image: shoredone.jpg]

close up of the shore
[Image: closeupshore.jpg]

background with shore
[Image: bgwithshore.jpg]

I didnt like seeing under the false bottom or the great stuff so I covered it with electrical tape I know it looks photoshoped but its not
[Image: shorewtape.jpg]

whole thing done
[Image: fullwtape.jpg]

And here are the hinges and latch Im going to be using but im only gonna use 2 hinges
[Image: hingesandlatch.jpg]

Im pretty happy with how it turned out

I bought some kyto moss spores off of ebay so thats what Ill use for moss and maybe some java moss if its wet enough

now all I need to do is find some mini broms
Im gonna try to keep the plants in this tank small so it looks bigger

Thanks for looking

Looks Great! Cant wait to see some pictures when youve planted it. I am curious is the water just going to be a still pond? or did you build in a pump?
Good first attempt overall.

There wont be a water feater but the water in the pond will be connected to the water under the false bottom by a straw I put in the great stuff as I was building it up.

I found a nice piece of wood that I put in my viv. I want to grow some java moss on it but I doubt it’ll be wet enough
Here it is
[Image: newwood.jpg]
[Image: newwood2.jpg]

Then I put some LECA in
[Image: leca.jpg]

Added some dirt and plants
And here’s what I got
[Image: wholethingplanted.jpg] [Image: topofwholethingplanted.jpg]
[Image: topplanted.jpg] [Image: bottomplanted.jpg]

I’m still not done I want to add more plants to the background and I have to plant the Kyoto Moss spores but the instructions say that it’ll take up to 8 weeks for it to fully grow.
and I’m still not done the door in fact I haven’t even started it I was so excited that I could plant the thing that I totally forgot that there wasn’t a door.

heres an updated pic I added three more plants and the brom up top is starting to turn red but you cant really see it

[Image: P3120003.jpg]

I havent even started on the door yet but I wont be puting frogs in it till the end of the year.

Very nice looking. Great job Smile

Looking good.. No frogs till end of the year?! wow you have patience.

Thanks for sharing.


[Image: Frank4.jpg] [Image: frank1.jpg]

I havent even started on the door yet but I wont be puting frogs in it till the end of the year.[/quote]

nice tank
so are there alredy frogs in :?:

grtz achraf

awesome tank, good design, any updates?

It looks awsome!

probably one of the best tanks i've ever seen

That is a cool looking tank! Did you ever put the frogs in it? Do you have any new pictures?

Pretty nice little photo journal / build thread.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

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