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new to the hobby

Hi i am new to the hobby and i have done some reading on dart frogs what kinds would be good for a beginer.

Green and black Auratus are great begginers and also are Leucs, both very bold species and easy to raise.


cool thanks for the info, now where is a good place to get those gems.

I agree that leucs and green and black auratus morphs are excellent beginner frogs. However another one is the P. terribilis. They are bold and active. Another good one is D. galactonotus, the pumpkin orange morphs, although they are still pretty expensive to purchase, which takes them out of the usual beginner range. They are great groupies, bold and seem to have some kind of special "intelligence" none of my other frogs display. If you study up and can set up a habitat with bromeliads, the D. imitators are also great frogs in a group, although they are thumbnails, and their tiny size might be intimidating at first. They are real characters to watch. They begin breeding at 6 months or so, and interact a lot without much harm done with the female fighting and wrestling. You can just enjoy the show.

also look itno an tincs very bold and and beautiful fogs Powder blus alanis yellow back citronella colbats ets.. all good begginners forg also at the front of the glass. Green black ARE GOOD BUT A LITTLE SHY Email mail me with any questions Have tons of froglets "lot of powder blues"

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