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FF landing and dieing in the water feature

I picked up my first PDFs over the weekend, two leucs. They seem to be doing well in their new viv; very active and visible during the day, a lot of fun to watch.

My question is this: When I tap fruit flies into the vivarium, several (5-10) invariably jump into the water dish. The frogs will pick them right off the surface of the water, which I assume is okay. They do not get all of them, and I will have a few fruit fly carcasses floating in the water. I take them out of course, and am cleaning the water dish daily.

Is this a common problem?

Also, I am totally unclear as to whether the frogs are getting enough flies. I put the flies in, and the frogs do actively hunt them. But the flies are pretty good at hiding. When I come home from work, I cannot really see many flies in the viv, but then I clean the water, and the movement of my hand scares flies from their hiding places.

SO, I know the frogs are getting some flies because I have seen them eat, but I question whether they are getting enough.

Thoughts/advice are much appreciated. Thank you.

First off I feed my darts 30-50 fruit flies each, every other day. The froglets get fed every day, fruit flies and springtails. I am assuming that your leucs are froglets so just dump in about 60 fruit flies for them. When you come home from work use a misting bottle to mist the tank and that will make all of the fruit flies come out of their hiding places. If you continue to see excess fruitflies, lower the amount you are giving the frogs.


If the leucs are hungry, they will also scare up the hiding fruit flies themselves. They can be pretty persistent about this.

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