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Red Back Galactonotus Clutches going bad....

Hi all. Looking for advice on why my red back galactonotus clutches keep going bad. Ive been talking to others about this, and everyone seems to be having the same problem. Misting and humidity are all within standard practices, but clutches just appear to fall apart after a week or so, yielding no tads. This has happened to several people several times. Anyone got advice on special treatment needed for galactonotus clutches? Submerged? Drier than normal? Lots of airflow? No airflow? Anyone? Anyone? Buhler?....

Divegod wrote;

"Misting and humidity are all within standard practices,"

What do you consider "standard"?
I know certain eggs need more contact with water, others much less.
The more info involved with your eggs, the better.


open petris set into a sealed shoebox, shoebox has 1" of water in it. water in petri is level with midline of eggs, a little methylene blue added. Ive tried it without meth. blue, and with just lids on petris, no shoebox. Do you keep your galac eggs with a bit of light? Mine get very weak lighting. Possible problem?

I would keep the water in the dish just enough to wet the eggs. More species' eggs seem to do well with water touching them at early stages, adding more water as the eggs develope. Have you had any development at all? When did yours start laying?

No light needed.


No development, just under ten clutches. Ive tried all sorts of variations on how much water to use, with no success. Im guessing that my male isnt getting the job done, as most of the suggestions Ive heard Ive already tried....Thanks though!

yea, it sounds like the male hasn't got it yet. Id just give it more time, it sounds like you are raising the eggs right, but with glacs you never know if they are fertilized until development, so most likely they aren't fertile yet, just give the little guy some time, he will get it right

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