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Can you cohabitate Blue and Green auratus?

BRAND new to the hobby, I havent even gotten started on my vivarium, But I just wanted to know if you could place a Blue and a Green auratus. One of each together or is it best to have 2 blues or 2 greens?

you can, but you shouldnt...especially if you plan on breeding them. A majority of the people in the hobby frown on mixing morphs and/or species, especially if your a beginner. Sometimes its easy to tell if frogs are stressed, but often it isnt. Cross breeding and stress are two things you generally want to avoid and mixing leads to an increased chance of both.

Thanks so much for the reply! I simply cant make my mind up on which color to get, they are both so cute! But I guess I will have to eventually decide on one or the other Smile

Yes you could but like Dave said most people disagree, I kept my 2 Green and 2 blue together until they reached ten months I split them up into their own tanks. I would recomend the Costa Rican Green and Black ones, there are very hardy and great for begginers.


The blue tend to be more shy, but there are always exceptions, that might be a factor in your choice.

Get them both; a pair of Green & black (look for the metallic variation of the greens; always my favorite) and a pair of the blue & black. You'll eventual be drawn to both pair anyways. You're in the hobby now, it's an addiction. You already have the 37 gallon...set two pairs of your choice in the larger viv and pick up a used 10 or 20 gallon, at a local garage sale, for the other pair.
I have several planted vivs I keep around the house that are void of amphibians. I just love the excitement of creating a biosphere; I minored in horticulture and hydroponics. the vivs also act as a back-up if i come across a major dart sale.
Good luck to you either way it turns out.

I have both and find that my blue guys are more apt to hide, we rarely see them. I would recommend the green over the blue.

I had the blue and still have greens. had a miss fortune with my blues and one green that was in isolation still and for some reason lost them but, I found that my blues were actually much more friendly even than my leucs or greens. But as boyer420z said you are in the hobby now and will probably end up with at least both of those since they are the ones to first catch youre eye. I have always liked frogs so about 1 year ago my family got me 2 leucs for valenties day and now we have 5 darts just lost 3 and have just set up a perminet 30 high, have a 10 set up as extra and starting on another 10 for my daughter.

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