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Will be in Hamburg, Pa. this weekend
2 adult male dwarf french guiana d. tinctorius - $40ea

I have a bunch more pumilio coming out of the water and want to clear space for some of them.
Almirante(f1 from farm raised pair) - $100ea.
Chiriqui River(f2 from f1 parents from blake wood) - $125ea.
1 LTC male - $120

also a good # of froglets i need to clear the way for

11 D. azureus (f?) (buffalo zoo, boa barn,paul bolognese and others)- looks to be 1 sexable pair or more in the group 1 " to 1 1/4" - $50ea. $150/pr if i guarantee sexes

4 powder blues(f2`s) parents purchased as juvis from Matt Mirabello juvi/subadults appr 1 1/2 " - looks to be 1.3 - $50ea.

3 surinam cobalts(f2`s)(parents also purchased from Matt Mirabello as juvi`s) - 1 1/4" looks to be 1.1.1 - $50ea.

dwarf d. tinctorius(f?) original parents bred by g. putnam back in the 90`s - $50ea.

d. auratus - i believe these guys are the turquise and bronze. a lot of the juvis look pretty blue. pic of male as well as a lot of the other frogs for sale will be posted on the picture page of my site tonite. - they came in from panama a couple years back w/ a pretty diverse shipment of auratus. juvi`s for sale are f1 from farm raised pair- $20ea

orange P. vittatus - (parent pair purchased from kevin hoff) - these guys are approaching 1" or more(subadults) - $30ea.

1.3 blue sips(after looking over the guides i guess these are green sips)(parents were w/c female and rescued male lineage ?) - $250/trio and $100/female females only $50w/ pr.
1" juvis - $50

1.0.1(pretty sure its 2 males) adult red amy`s - $150ea.(produced by Phil Tan)

5 red/orange and black galacts - juvi`s 3/4" - 1" - these are not the reds these are flourescent orange right out and turn deep almost blood red as subadults to adults. males reach maybe 1 1/4" and my 7-8 year old female is under 1 1/2 inches. breeders purchased from black jungle in 98 as juvi`s- $50ea SOLD

probably more, this is all i can think of for now.

email pm or call (716)898-8529
How much woul dshipping be to Colorado?
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