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Vivarium lid question

What is the best option for vivarium lids?

I have a 10 gallon horizontal set up that houses 2 leucs (who, so far, seem happy!).

The lid I have is just a commercial 'flip-top' that I purchased from the local pet store. The front of the lid flips up (has a plastic tab attached to it) and I can mist/feed by opening this up. I have a light resting on the lid.

My problem is, there are small gaps along the edges of the plastic piece, and this provides an escape route for the fruit flies (bad politics with my wife!). They aren't gushing out mind you, but I generally can find 4 or 5 climbing on the outside of the tank. One or two have made it to the kitchen (worse politics with the wife).

There also MAY be a tiny gap in the middle of the lid where the long black 'hinge' is located.

I have already begun to set up my second tank (a 15 gallon horizontal--not sure what I will put in there yet), and have my sights set on a vertical as well (REALLY want some imitators!).

Before I go much further, I really need to address the lid issue, because it will certainly be an issue on my next tanks as well.

THANKS for your advice!

Greg L.
Temperance, MI

I usually get two pieces of glass cut from home depot to fit the top of the tank, then I use clear packing tape to make a hinge, and use tape to make a tab to open the glass lid. On some of the tanks I silicone one of pieces in so that only one on the tape hinge opens up, and there is no fruit fly escapees.

[Image: liddiagram.jpg]


I have the same top you do and I noticed the same problems. I did what Jesse suggested only I had mine professionally cut. I have a little mom & pop glass place by me and it was actually cheaper to have it cut for me than to buy the glass and cut it myself - $7.50. You can check out both options.


If you get a strip of rubber and silicone one half to one side, and leave the other side silicone free, wouldnt that provide a seal?

I havent tried this but it seems like it could work.

I cut my glass at home depot also. Although I use acrylic for the back piece and cut a square hole large enough to fit a computer fan for venting. I use rubber foam weather seal
from Home Depot to seal the tank's top. ... 0&MID=9876
If the link doesn't take you there then search online for the brand name: Thermwell
10 ft. Black Foam Tape

Model R516 H

You can also just tape down the plastic piece in the back with Scotch tape, and tape around the holes. You just have to replace this every time you open the back portion for access. But as long as the front section fits well, you don't have to do this often. Some frogs can also lift this flap enough to escape if a corner is loose, believe it or not. I had two leucs get out in this manner, and thumbs are even more adept at getting through the same cracks a fruit fly would. The hinged lids designed for aquariums are convenient, and do work, but taping is a good idea for the sake of the frogs. (I don't worry about fruit flies--I'm used to them all over the place, but if I were young and a divorce might be pending over the issue I might think again--or maybe I didn't, so that's why I now enjoy solitude and doing as I please with no one to complain about it.) I do like the plastic flap feature because it's a convenient egress, easily cut out to accommodate any tubing or pump wiring.

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