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New to the forum and hobby

Hi, I am new to the hobby and so far so good. I have three different tanks, three different types of frogs. Leucs, green aratus, blue aratus. They are hardy, healthy and doing great. I have done a lot of research, and got a little confused about temps. The humidity seems perfect but I started to worry about the temps. How hot is to hot? Basically I want to know what the max temp should be. I live in Arizona our weather is quite weird. I just want to make sure I dont over heat my cute little frogs.

most darts need to be maintained between 70-80 degrees.
Be sure that you are measuring you temprature with good quality digital thermometer, and measure it at ground level.

Cindy Dicken
Vivarium Concepts

I never thought about measuring temps from the bottom, heat rises lol it makes perfect sense. I will have to move my gauges. Thanks for the input.

I've had my green and bronze tank maxed out at 85 in the summer a little scary. I live in chicago weather crazy here too. I have to worry about the cold JP

Hopefully, you have airconditioning, so your room temperatures should help keep the tanks below 80 degrees. Also raise your lights in hot weather, so they aren't contributing to the heat. While many darts can survive temperatures even down to 55 degrees at night, they do not survive well for long above 80.

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