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WTT - Water Lettuce and a few others

I have water lettuce over flowing my 75 gal. fish aquarium. I use it in my vivs, for the ponds, but it is spreading so fast, I need to start throwing it out, or send it to others.

I would like to trade it for cuttings, leaf litter, moss, or just about anything you might have, since I'm building quite a few vivs at the moment. I do have some other limited plants in excess that I can add to sweet'n the trade. (rhizomes of rabbits foot fern, Live Spanish moss, Calathea amabilis, some Sm. orchid seedlings of Encyclia tampensis, and Cattleya intermedia v amethystina, and some freshly started Variegated Wandering Jew cuttings)

I would also consider sending some of the water lettuce for just s/h. :wink:

Please reply to my e-mail:


i love your 29! let me know if you'd be willing to sned some for s/h,and maybe a little extra!thanks-adam

I would love to do some plant swapping, I will be at Frog Fest, but I wont be able to bring anything with me. The next MI meeting would be better. I have a few things Ive been growing to trade.


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