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Habba Mist by Zoo Med

Does anyone have one of these? I have had one for about 3 months now and it has stopped working. If anyone has any info that might help it would much appricated.



Well this is going to sound crazy!

Try whacking it on the palm of your hand. It may or may not work. I have a water fall that stoped working so I put it in my closet and about a month later I got it out to ues in a cage and it still did not work so I whacked it a few times and it worked.

That often works with pumps if they get stuff in it but I have only been adding clean water to the system. I will try it though, nothing to loss.

Check the instruction manual. If I remember reading mine right it says to not use in in high humidity settings. I only use mine as a vacation mister. I'm pretty sure they can't be run for a long time in a high humidity environment.

I dont believe I still have my instructions but if that is what it says what a waste. Something that is marketed as being and in tank mister that you cant keep in high humidity?!?!?

I believe it is marketed as a product to help keep humidity in the 50-70 range (for some snakes and such) or for lizards who drink off of the leaves of plants. A lot of "machines" cannot be worked in the kind of humidity of our vivariums or the rainforest (such as most digital cameras) for any substantial amount of time.

Well I guess it depends on where you buy it from, I bought it from and says it is great for terrariums, guess I should have read the instructions better. Do people mist their snakes?

yeah, it helps in shedding, especially tropical snakes. It is also helpful for lizards such as anoles or chamelions that need to drink water off of leaves

This might be a farely late reply but I might can shed some light on why your Habba-Mist stopped working. It's a POS. I got 2 of them and I've found that it's easier to mist the cage by hand. The habba mist is a great idea in theory but in practical application it has plenty of room for improvement.


I have to say I came to the same conclusion.


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