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How do you sex Dart Frogs ?

I have 1 Tinc "Citronella".......1 Tinc "Oelemari".....and 1 Auratus "G&B"

I purchased them last August, I think they were about 4 months old at the time.....when can you tell what sex they are...and what do you look for in order to know ?

I just read somewhere about toe pad size being an that always reliable for all PDs ? Here's a pic of my Citronella....I'm thinking maybe male, by the slightly larger toe pads on the front I right ?

[Image: DSC01358.jpg]

Thanks for any help....

hard to tell from the picture. Nice cit

toepads are one of the visuals to look for when sexing tincs. It is not always easy to interpret, I had an azureus that I thought was a female based on the overall body shape and toepads, only to find out it it was a male.
It would help if you could get a better picture of the overall body, as well as the front toepads. It does somewhat looks like a female from what I can see.

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Here's some pics of the I can do for now...he/she wasn't cooperating as far as a profile pic

I made them thumbnails, because they're pretty on them for a larger pic..

[Image: th_DSC02390.jpg] [Image: th_DSC02385.jpg] [Image: th_DSC02378.jpg]

If it is 4 months, it still has some growing, but the toepads definitely suggest female!

it still looks like a female.

you might want to go back and read the WHOLE thread. He said they were 4 months old when he bought them in August, so it is probably around 11-12 months.


I will throw in a vote for a female also.


Darts with parasites are analogous to mixed tanks, there are no known benefits to the frogs with either.

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#8, what is it that you are looking at that suggests female ? I'm trying to learn how to do

For comparison..... here is a pic of my has a different body shape, but I don't know if that's because it's a different type frog or has to do with it possibly being a male, since the Cit looks like it's a female.

Now this one's back doesn't hunch quite like the Cit's it the "hunched" apearance that points to female in PDs ? These aren't the greatest pics and I don't have a good one of it's toe pads.....

Oh, this one is the same frog as the one in my avatar, which was taken back when I first brought these babies home last August....again, these too are thumbnails...

[Image: th_DSC02373.jpg] [Image: th_DSC02383.jpg]

I vote female for the Cit and the Olemarie looks like a possible male, but its hard to be certain from the pics provided.

To get any better, I'd have to coax him up on the log...he doesn't sit up there often....or...remove him from the tank..which I won't do...

The moss I have in there is dark and he doesn't show up on it very well...I'll keep trying for better ones....

Fall....did you click on those pics for a larger view ? They're a pretty good size, that's why I thumbnailed them...didn't want to lock up anyone's computer if they have dialup.

A few better pics of the on them for larger view....

[Image: th_DSC02496.jpg] [Image: th_DSC02486.jpg] [Image: th_DSC02494.jpg]

Does anyone have pics of thier frogs that show some of the characteristics that highlight M/F traits ? I'd like to compare the ones I have with others that have been sexed.

It's a learning

Thank you very much for helping to enlighten a fellow enthusiast !

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