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First Viv- 40 Gallon

This is my very first viv, and although I do need to fix a few things, I think it turned out half-way decent. I need to get better moss, and so Im going to take out the substrate, raise it up with more rocks, and then replant everything. Cry

Oh well, itll be a good weeked project. Oh and btw, Ive already ordered a better light. That one is from my old aquarium (which was tiny). As you can see I also need to touch up the backwall... quite a bit... I hate silicone Sad.
Top view.
The river bed! Big Grin
As you can see the backwall definately needs some touchups.
So many things to fix!!!
My tiger salamander looking all happy and whatnot.
What a good guy.

Any suggestions? What should I fix other than what I said?

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