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HELP! Emergency food source needed in GA!

Hey guys...

I almost dread to post this because I feel like a bad parent! I neglected to make a couple of cultures of FF's from my existing ones and now I'm EXTREMELY LOW on FF's. Like, low enough that I'm worrid about being able to feed my PDFs!

Is there anywhere in GA or AL that I can get FF cultures?

Thanks so much for your help!!!!


try any local petshops? Tongue

could also search google for an online shop and have them shipped express.

Well, our local pet shops are SADLY lacking... About th eonly live food you can get are crickets and they are much too large for my PDFs... I did order some flies today and i think I have enough springtails to tide me over until they arrive on Friday... Then, I'll immediately begin making new cultures and I'm going to set myself up some reminders to make new cultures a couple of times a month so this doesn't happen again!


If your absolutely desperate, get a frito,cheesit, or cheeto(any type of food works really). Then put it outside in a container. Collect the ants that come (trust me, they will) and feed them to your pdfs. Make sure there are no pesticides in your area. Also, Ants are like snakes, masters are escaping. Don't use any type of wrap to seal them off as they bite through it and soon you have 200 ants around your house and your dog is going crazy....Thats another story though.

Anyways, alot of people will disagree with feeding ants but if your on absolute end you might as well do it. I've done it with a few frogs, some of them spit em out after they eat em some eat them. Just a little information.

ps- the ones that did eat the ants, are still living 3-4 months after Tongue

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