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Three questions about 3 topics

I am a month into keeping 2 Leucs in a 10 gal horiz. They seem to be doing well, and I am in the process of setting up tank 2 (Azureus coming soon...).

I have 3 questions.

1) What species of bromeliad(s) would you suggest for smaller (10 and 15 gal) vivs (horizontal)?

2) I am interested in obtaining a 'sheet moss' of some type. I seem to be having a very difficult time locating some to purchase. Suggestions?

3) I am having a bit of a problem dusting my ffs. I have a small amount of supplement in an empty ff container. I tap ffs into the dust. I swirl it around. The ffs get VERY sluggish, and get buried in the supplement. Then, I put these ffs in the tank, but they don't move well--it is sort of like a "pile" of ffs. Plus the excess dust goes in the tank (and it doesn't take much at ALL to have excess). Advice? What am I doing wrong here?

Muchas gracias!

Greg L.
Temperance, MI

#one: Any of the smaller one in size would be fine, Neogrelias, vrisea, and Guzmania.

#two: Check online for some moss or your local petstore, try:

#three: I suggest getting some more supplement, I put a little in a yogurt container, tap the flies into the container, shake it around so they are dusted and lie it on the side in the viv and the frogs just come and eat them. Then the next day I use the left over supplement for the other flies and so on.

Jesse Big Grin

Thanks Jesse, your answers to 1 and 3 are helpful.

As for number 2, I was hoping for a specific recommendation on where online. I have looked (I think) fairly far and wide on the internet for a cushion moss, but the only thing I come up with are fern mosses and LARGE quantities at

Any ideas?

Thanks again,


Try Ken at

I have purchased from him before and he sells java moss.


Ive seen people referred here, but have never bought from them.

for the cushion moss, you could try getting some from the wild and useing the method at to grow it.

I might be able to help you with the sheet moss.
Contact me at

Cindy Dicken
Vivarium Concepts

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