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1.0 red bar ambilobe panther chameleon and supplies

3 month old male ambilobe panther chameleon,bought from lance on kingsnake.colors just beginning to some in.... eating 1/2" to 3/4" crickets,mealworms,etc. have 65g repatrium,heat,uvb bulbs,fixtures,everything you need! looking to trade for? i'd like to get some more darts,but i'm open to about anything!
sell for 300 obo
thanks alot-adam hoyt

Is shipping an option? I'd like to see pictures. I used to raise chameleons.

yes,shipping is available,if weather conditions are right.i'll have to get pics for you... the breeder is a guy named lance on kingsnake(not my favorite site!)-i'm sure he has pics of it,and his father.i'll email him tonight and get him to send those pics.i love chams,too,but i've gotten bit hard by the dart frog "bug"! thanks for the reply!-adam

Is he a pure ambilobe panther, or is he one of Lance's hybrids?

sorry-hes a pure red bar ambilobe from a wild caught father.i called lance and he's gonna send pics of his father and the pick of the litter(i'd take a pic of this guy,but i am sans digital) i also asked him if someone could contact him for more info-he said that it would be ok! thanks-adam


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