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Poisonous Plants?

I heard that some plants are poisonous. Confusedhock: I am working on a new tank and it consists of plants I bought from Home Depot could any of the plants be toxic to my frogs.


Mr. Kawala,
I think what you are referrring to is the plants that you can purchase from Home Depot could have fertilizers/insecticides on them, and to plant them directly in your tank without a little prep is not a good idea. You can use the plants sold at places like Home Depot, Lowes, etc. but you will need to THOURGHLY rinse the plant, also remove all of the soil the plant can in. You can soak the plant in tap water in the kitchen sink for a couple of hours, and then throughly rinse it. Then you can plant it in your tank.

Cindy Dicken
Vivarium Concepts

I think that you're referring to plants that the insects eat that will carry their poison to the frogs, right? I know that crotons are poisonous to frogs. I also think that plants with spines or sharp edges should be avoided. I think you should search on google: poisonous plants and then look for the list that are poisonous to cats and dogs. If a cat or dog should not eat it, I don't think any insect that goes into a frog tank should be eating it, then get eaten by a frog.

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