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Decisions, decisions...input please?

First, I would like to thank everyone who take the time to answer questions. What a great resource this is.

I just have completed the background on a 15 gallon tank using Great Stuff, cork panels, silicone and coco-fiber. It is currently a horizontal.

Until recently, I was anticipating purchasing 2 Azureus for the tank. But, instead of running the risk of a same-sex pair and having to set up another Azureus tank, I thought a couple of Auratus are the wiser selection (my 4 year old son like Auratus better, too).

However, being that imitators are what I REALLY have my eye on (was planning on a vertical imitator tank for my 3rd tank, some time in the future), I got to thinking about a couple of things.

1) If planted well, would imitators be okay in a 15 gallon horizontal? (I anticipate the answer will be no).

IF "no", THEN:

2) Could/should I still make the tank into a vertical? My idea would be to add another background to the bottom of the tank, which when inverted would be the back of the tank. I would leave the other background on, and that would become 1 wall of the viv.

What do you guys think about this possibility?

Then, if I end up turning it into a vertical imitator tank, my question goes back to the doors. What is the best way to make the front doors so that there are no leaks at the bottom, and no openings at the top or between?


Greg L.

If you are talking about a 15g high tank (20x10x18) then it should be suited fine for two, possibly three imis. This tank would not work as a vert very well.

If you are talking about a 15g long tank (24x12x12) then you will have to stand it on its side for them, which will be super as a vert. A square foot footprint and 2ft high would be a nice viv for some imis.

As to the doors, this problem is fairly easy to solve, however there are a few options. If you have some extra cash, you can contact paul at FCA and have him build you a vert insert. If you want to make the door yourself, this is also fairly easy.

First make sure to add silicone to the black tank molding on the top of the tank (which will be the front), so that no water can get in there and cause leaks. Then you just need some glass cut to fit into the black molding. There is a nice picture guide at The Choco Hut. Good luck!


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