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Foam went soft
I have recently been working on my 1st viv. I thought I was getting along just fine. It has been planted about a month. I used great stuff, silicone and coco fiber on the background. Now, in a couple of spots, the silicone and coco fiber seemed to wash off and the great stuff just turned to a sticky mess. Does anyone know what I did wrong or how to cure it. Luck that I haven't put any frogs in yet. Thanks
What type of Great Stuff did you use?

What type of silicone?

How long did you let the Great Stuff cure before you covered it with silicone?[b]
The Great Stuff was the Red Can fir interior & exterior.
The Silicone was GE Siliconized Acrylic Caulk for Indoor & Octdoor.
I left the foam dry about 3-4 days before I put the silicone on it and left the whole thing dry another week before I went any further.
The Great Stuff sounds like the correct one, but the silicone sounds different than what we usually use. We use the GE silicone II for doors and windows. It is 100% silicone, not siliconized acrylic. This might be part of the problem.

Thanks, I'll try it and see if that corrects the problem.

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