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What is your Favorite Dart Frog ?

I just want to know what your favorite dart frogs are, and how many you have.

I like the D. Azureus (BLUE POISON DART FROG) !
I do not have any yet but should be getting some soon

I think D. lehmanni is really cool, does anyone have one of these frogs?

It is a toss up, but I think I would have to pick between d. fantasticus, and d. histrionicus, possibly d. myseriosis. There are just so many awesome ones, which are not even in the pet trade, it is hard to find. I may be getting fants in a few months Smile I also like almost all of the thumbs, I have 5 vents right now.

Ed Parker

Do you mean Dendrobates mysteriosus ? I found a website that may be importing them soon, but they are from canada :-( i actually might be purchasing afew of these guys in the future.

heres the link: ... index.html

Do you think the ones that are not in the pet trade is because of legal stuff, or is it that they can not be kept well in captivity? My guess is a little of both. I am sure they will slowly make their way into the hobby.

D. mysteriosus are illegal, and will remain illegal until they are legally exported from their native country (countries). They have never been legally exported (or imported for that matter) so they are all illegal. There are some sites ( Europe) that claim to have legally obtained D. mysteriosus. The claims are untrue.


So then it does sound like it is just a matter of time.

With the way the governments are run in central america and south america, their habitats will be completely destroyed before any of the incredibly beautiful dendrobates, phyllobates, and epipedobates are ever released. I wouldnever obtain the mysteriosis, becauseof the legal matters. LIke rich said, they have NEVER been taken out of the country of origin legally. As for all the other dendrobates that haven't been imported/exported, there are many problems. Captive care may not be easy, or may be incredibly difficult, if not impossible. Second, they may be in a very hard to reach place, or a guarded place, so no one can illegally sneak them out. 3rd off, the governments will not allow any exporting of the dart frogs for whatever reasons they have. SO, i doubt you will ever see some of the more rare and exotic darts in the pet trade.

ed parker

I think if someone(a native) in one of these countries find the potential in the frogs and is allowed to harvest them in a responsible manor then it will happen. If a government can tax it and some local guy can better his life then it is much more likely to happen.

The reason for the fact that some of these nations are not able to export Darts is the fact that CITES (Counsel for International Trade in Endangered Species, I believe, been awhile since I have been to their website. Goggle it ) exists. CITES decides whether a nation is open to exporting any animals on a CITES list. Some of the nations such as Costa Rica, Columbia, and Brazil have had problems meeting CITES regulations in the past , and are closed.


man...thats a real kick in the teeth...i love that their claims to soon legally export them are untrue? Thats very disappointing, i hope they will be in the trade before they habitat is destroyed, so at least the species may survive. Cry

There has been talk of opening Peru to limited export through the INIBICO project. It is supposed to happen , but has been many years in the works. Mysteriosus is supposedly one of the frogs on the list to be exported. I am not holding my breath though.


Yea , i've been following Belowwater for awhile now, they said they would be soon legally importing them, but they've said that for almost a year now, thats how long ago i found the sight, not sure how long they claimed that before..this is a bummer


Do you have the website for this group?



yea here it is ... index.html

look at the top of the page, there is a little paragraph on the importation thing. its been along time and still no importation tho.. :evil:

One other thing to consider is- that it is a Canadian site. Anyone wanting to buy (Darts or other CITES animals) from these guys ( not residing in Canada ) would also need to go through the CITES paperwork process (importing or exporting).
They are talking about the INIBICO project when they are refereing to species from Peru.


So they are not involved in Central America then, they are just distributors ? I thought was doing something like this too. I live about 3-4 hours from Montreal, hummm I don't think the crossing at Alex Bay would think twice about looking in my truck. Possible way to evade CITES ?? :roll:

Sean Stewart is supposed to be the distributor for the U.S. I would say that if/when the INIBICO exports start you would be able to get the species Dr. Shulte is working with from Sean .
It would be considered smuggling (and treated as such) to bring them across international borders without proper CITES paperwork.


Ok Rich,

By the way that was suppose to be a joke. I dont think it would be that hard to get papers anyways. When I went to Nicaragua I got papers to export frogs which was not that hard. Of course I couldn't find any while I was there. After they told me to watch out for the large tarantulas I was less adventurous and spent more time on the beach.

If you did get caught at the border with them they would just confinscate them. I have know of several people who didn't have the right papers and tried to bring back corals. They watched their beloved corals get thrown in the trash. Sad


Who is Sean Stewart?

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