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quarnatine enclosure for new darts coming in...

i have 3 terreblis coming in on wed.,and need to set up a quarantine enclosure.i bought a 28qt. sweater box today,and i think this is what i'm going to put in it- sphagnum moss and fake leaves.... how does this sound? should i use that or paper towels? also,would it be beneficial to use real leaves and bake them.these terreblis will be in this enclosure for about 2-3 weeks.thanks in advance-adam hoyt

i think that simple is better. for me paper towels, film canisters/plastic party cups, and some leaf litter works well. before you decide how long to quarentine them i really suggest getting fecals done. find a local vet with herp experience, or use dr frye. i have only gotten frogs once that were parasite free. the other seven additions to my collection came with parasites, and all are from respected sources. if you can get the parasites under control (i.e. at least two consecutive clean fecals) before you put frogs in vivs, you should have it made. if you don't and the frogs stand around in their own poop all day every day, the parasite loads are likely to reach critical points eventually. once you put frogs with parasites into vivs, you cannot get them clean without tearing down your viv. do a search for lots more info on this topic.

I would check with the prior owner and see how these were housed there, and then mimic what they were used to. I'm sure real or fake leaves would be fine either way, just give them plenty of them to hide under and sit on.

I recently acquired a large group of frogs and put them all in quarantine, with paper towels and leaf cuttings/film vials.... One of the older frogs(6 months.) became real stressed and quit eating, after a week of not eating, no fecals, I thought I would put it in a more natural setup, sphag and a lot of cover. Later that day received a reply from the breeder, that brought up the fact that they had never used the paper towels, and recommended using moss. The very next day, it was catching up on all the flies that it had missed out on, and has been fine since.

This was only one frog that reacted this way, out of a doz, so its probably not that common. If you plan to get fecals done, I would put them in a sterile enclosure for a couple of hours, or long enough to get enough samples(Frye brothers website has directions on the proper way to collect/ship them), but think you should try to duplicate what they have been used to being housed in. They will be stressed out enough from being shipped.

Good luck with the new frogs!

i appreciate the info.well,i'm getting them from rich,so i'm not too worried about fecals right now. i need to figure out what they had as a substrate.thanks again!

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