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Weird Growth Thing...

Yeah, I have no clue what this is. Don't even know where to start. It just popped up one day. Its fleshy and its tan colored. Growing kinda slow, so I don't think its a mushroom. I think it MIGHT be some sort of fungus though. I dunno. Anyone have a clue?

First day I saw it
[Image: growth.JPG]

After a week of growing
[Image: growth2.JPG]

Another one popped up too! Uhhgg... I'm not sure if I should remove it or what. I'm kinda scared to touch it. :lol:

it kindof looks like a jelly or a woodear of somesort.... i think wood ears are slow growing...

Thanks for the reply. What is a jelly or woodear? What kind of creature is it, is what I mean.

here's some examples, there are lots of different ones...
wow would ya look at the size of that URL!
take care, good luck,

is that moss/bladderwort collected?

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