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Waterfall Pumps??? Which ones work best??

Hi everyone. I have a tank with a waterfall in it. The pump just doesn't have much flow and it slows down sometimes to just a drip or stops working all together. I bought it at Petco. The first one I bought didn't work at all, so I exchanged it for the one I currently have. I am just not happy with this pump, but its the only one I can find around here. The pump that I have is the Repti Flow 250 by Exo Terra.

Does anyone have any recommendations on other pumps that I can maybe buy online????

I have attached a pic of my tank so you can see the waterfall. This is a pic of when I first put it together so its a little bare lookingSmile


I've been using those style pumps for years. They work well but they will clog if you don't protect them perfectly from debris. Thats probably your problem. Having said that, any pump you put there will probably do the same thing.

I have found a zoo med 501 turtle pump it is an external pump i.e. canister filter but it is small I got a little creative with hiding the tubes but it has worked great. a far step above the other pumps and great filtration. I like the use of an external filter it makes it easer to do water changes and as long as you check your plumbing and get that good it is all out side of the viv. I would strongly recommend this for small vivs.

Hi, I have been looking on here for hours trying to see if I can keep dart frogs with fish and I see you have done it? Is it guppies you have, anything else? Do they get along ok, would the guppies eat any eggs the frog lays? Thanks,

Make sure your pump is grounded (three prongs on the plug) otherwise there is a risk, albeit a low one, of giving them a low voltage shock. It is also a good idea to usea titanium probe to ground the tank in case there are any stray electrical currents.

try a RIO 1100, that should be plenty of power nand it can be dialed down with the included fittings etc.

I am a big fan of the MiniJet 404 and 606 myself...tough little pumps and not TOO powerful.

Go check out home depot and get a beckett pump. :wink:

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