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I Love 10 Gal Verts...

They are too much fun!

Well, nothing that you probably haven't seen, but I love to share my vivs. This is a 10 gal vert with a few broms and some various plants.

Plants are as follows:

Neoregelia "Flaming Lovely"
Neo. "Dartanion"
Neo. dungsiana
Neo. "Chiquita Linda"
Neo. -uknown cultivar-

Pepperomia "Red Edge"- Peperomia Japonica
Begonia Rex- Begonia serratipetala
Polynesian Ivy- Pellonia pulchra
Fittonia "Mini White"- Fittonia argyroneura
Heart fern- Hemionitis arifolia
Java Moss- Vesicularia dubyana
Moss- Dicranium sp.

I also have some local wild plants and mosses on the wood.

Here are the pics...

[Image: 10gal1.jpg]
[Image: NeoDartanion.jpg]<- Neo. "Dartanion"
[Image: NeoFlamingLovely.jpg]<- Neo. "Flaming Lovely"
[Image: Neogroup.jpg]
[Image: 10gal2.jpg]

Something I thought was kinda intersting... The Neo. dungsiana is the little tiny brom thats just to the right of the big Flaming Lovely. Supposedly that brom is full grown!! Confusedhock: I got a little group of them from Tropiflora. The guy said that they were full grown at that size which is about the size of a film canister as you can see. Pretty neat.

Thanks for looking.

PS- Patty Slayton. Is this one better?? Lol.

VERY CUTE!!!! Ok now help me with my door....Smile

Hello, great cage!

What are you using for lighting. I am having trouble finding a small flourecent light that can fit on the top panel of a 10gal. Thanks!

I have just done 2, 10 gallon verts and use the following for lighting:
It is called the "SUNLIGHT DESKLAMP", it is a compact flourescent bulb (27 watts) that is 6500k in color. Light output is equivalent to 150 watts regular incandescent lighting. It is a very pretty blue color. The lighting fixture itself is built quite sturdy and it adjusts 2 different ways for height and angle.
The cost was 19.99!

Model No: 1137
Lights of America
Found it at home depot.

I am not through adding plants to this one, I am posting just so you can
get an idea of how bright this little light is.

(sorry about the minor thread hijacking frogtofall)

Incidently, you were the one that inspired me to do the verts, I am just having a heck of a time finding small bromes without having to order them online.


The lighting is actually a Home Depot shop light with 2 4ft bulbs. You can either get the Phillips ones or the GE ones that are 6500k. I prefer the GE ones. They are $3 or so more, but they put out brighter light. I did a side by side comparison. Since I have 3 next to each other, the shop light thing works pretty well. I just need longer shelves b/c the ends of the light stick out a few inches from the shelving. Like so...

[Image: Rack1.JPG]


I'm glad I could provide some inspiration. I know I have been inspired by so many others' vivs. Your viv looks very nice. It seems a bit cramped though, but at least the frogs will feel at home with all that greenery everywhere. I'll see if I can help you out with the brom thing too via PM.

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