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Oh Gee a ton of questions FUN FUN....

A few questions about the thumbnail frogs...
Which are the easiest to own? Remember ease of breeding them is not a priority.
Which are the less likely to hide?
How long should you be in the hobby before taking on the task of owning them?

Extra care options about baby Luecs..
I MAY be getting only 3 week old Luecs. I know I will have to breed the smaller FF for them. I also am not going to put them in my QT for several weeks because it will be a planted 15 g Viv (may be too big for them right now?) and I am putting 3 month old Bronzes in it after fecals are done while their Viv is curing. Am I going about this correctly? Is there anything else I should know or do?

Hi Tina, when you say "Which are the easiest to own", do you mean which would make a good beginner thumbnail?

As for which are less likely to hide, I would say imitators and vents. Panguana lamasi will spook when you first walk up to the tank, but they will return to their activities fairly quickly.

As for how long you should be in the hobby before getting into thumbnails, that is totally up to you. I know people that their first darts were thumbnails. If you feel that you can keep the proper size food, have created a suitable, secure enclosure, I'd say go for it. The requirements for these and the larger darts are basically the same.

3 weeks old is a little on the small side. Some people sell them that small. We prefer that the frogs have some size on them(at LEAST a half inch and preferable three quarters) and are eating well. I would place the leucs in a small shoebox with paper towels, leaf littler and plant cuttings. Keep them in the shoebox for a few weeks until they gain some size then you can move them to a larger enclosure. In addition to the small fruit flys, I would recommend feeding them springtails also. You can also seed your new tanks with springtails to give the frogs something to nibble on.

I would not place the leucs in the same enclosure that you have had other frogs in unless you have throughly cleaned and sterilized it, even if the frogs appear healthy, and have a clean fecal.


Oh Great Cindy... Those are the two I really likeSmile I was hoping someone would say one of the ones I liked in a list but not a short list of the two I liked the best. I will do more research on them both then. Yes Easiest as in to be able to see them and aren't too delicate. Do both eat the smaller FF only? I am hoping that the Luecs will wait for another month but if not then I take them early and watch over them very carefully.

Yes, both the imitators and vents will eat the mels (smaller fruit flys), I have never noticed either of them having any interest in the larger flys. We also keep their tank heavily seeded with springtails.

Springtails... another reason to let my viv sit for a few months...

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