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false bottom size ?
Ok I have a false bottom installed but I think it is a little to high for what I wanted. I wanted to put a semi pond in the tank and may have kinda screwed up. My false bottom is about 4 inches tall ( see told ya I think I screwed up). In order for my semi pond to work I would need to either have 3 1/2 -4 inches of standing water in the bottom or fill the bottom up with rock. I was planning on putting 3 inches of rock in my pond and having about 1/2 an inch of water in it. Do I also have to put drainage material under the soil even though my water level in the bottom will not touch the water level? It all looked good to me when I was doing it and now I think I may have just created a huge mess. WHY oh WHY did I want a false bottom when I wasn't planning on having a filter????? Is it to late to remove the false bottom now that I have the GS and the coco fiber on the back?
It sounds like it will be alright for a pond. From what I have learned, it is best to have steep sides to the pond, and deeper water (2 plus inches) so that if your frogs start to wrestle, they can't pin down and drown each other in the shallow water.
So at a 4 in. false bottom, I would fill it with three in. of water, and use about 1 in. of gravel in the pond area. For the edges, I usually use a wood, but have used great stuff and silicone/coco, over the top of a 1/2 of gravel, to allow the water to flow under the G/S, through the gravel.

[Image: DSC04515.jpg]
THANKS.... I guess I will continue with what I am doing and see if it turns out right? I am so coRnfussedSmile

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