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Bunch of 10 Gal Vert Builds

Yep, gonna see how many 10 gal verts I can build in 6 weeks...

Here's yet another one I just finished

[Image: 10galfullshot.jpg]
[Image: 10galfullshot2.jpg]

Begonia thelmae
[Image: Begonia_thelmae.jpg]

Neo. Angelface x Midget
[Image: Neo_AnglefacexMidget.jpg]

Neo. Fireball x punctatissima
[Image: Neo_Fireballxpunctatissima.jpg]

Neo. species "Fireball" EL-2038 (Not sure exactly what this means...?)
[Image: Neo_fireball_EL2038.jpg]

Peperomia argyreia
[Image: Pepperomia_argyreia.jpg]

Various mosses and the 2 other plants are Fittonia and Peperomia meridana Thanks for looking. Gotta go start another one... :wink:

VERY VERY nice! To bad you don't live closer... My oldest son has been in the Navy for almost 8 years now and his base is being shut down (Engelside TX) He may go to Fl... If he does I may want to swing by and see some of those vivsSmile

Thanks! You're more than welcome to stop by and check them out. I almost have more vivs than I do frogs now. Haha.

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