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Constructing an open front Vivarium
I am interested in building a vivarium like the one featured at Black Jungle. Can you buy tanks prebuilt with these openings or do they need to be custom built? if so how do I do this? Any help would be great.
I believe the tank on BlackJungle was a special ordered acrylic one, there are afew places you can get them made, i believe there is a link on, where he ordered his cages, you can send the dimensions and whatnot, and he will send a price. Hope this helps, good luck
You might check some of the fish tank builders. Acrylic is heavly used in many fish tanks. If you want to find a good tank builder and ask about who is good at it check out It is a reef tank site but they have links to sponsers who deal in Acrylic tanks and their are many people one who would have personal experience with the different vendors. If you have any problems or a specific question I dont mine asking for you, it is something I have thought of too.

Good luck,

you can purchase an open front tank at that fish place in lancaster pa. they are dirt cheep 70 gal for 141.99 or 130 gal for about 200. but they aren't glass they era heavy duty polypropylene plastic. or plexi glass
I asked Dmartin where he got his tanks, he got his here
you can go to they have some nice tanks and are really cheap

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