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coupla newb questions...

Hi Everyone-

I have just discovered the wonderful world of PDF and have been reading up on them non-stop since a week ago. I have a few questions though.

Where is the best place to get all the stuff that you need for a vivarium?
I'll be using a 25g tall for it, would this be ok for 3-4 leucs, or would i have to start smaller?

And if i want to do the false bottom and a water feature which is the easiest way to go about it?

I really enjoy this forum, and i may have missed this information if it is already out there, but really appreciate any and all who take the time to answer me.

Oh one more questions, when leucs lay eggs, where do they prefer to do it in the water, or near it?

hello and welcome!

have you perused the construction section of this site? look through old posts and then try the search function for keywords. this should give you ideas on false bottoms and water features, then you can ask more specific questions.

i love vivarium concepts, it's a great place to start looking for supplies:

if you get very young baby frogs, it is easier to keep and eye on them and feed them in small temporary enclosures. for 3-4 leucs, 25 gallons would definitely not be too large. folks recommend 5 or 10 gallons per adult frog . i don't have leucs, so i'll let an expert chime in with details.

two general things to consider when starting out are: 1) how the frog will use they climb a lot, or are they primarily terrestrial? and 2) new frogs should be quarantined and have fecal exams from a vet. if you don't have a local vet who is up to the challenge, you can use dr. frye at i have only gotten frogs once that were parasite free. the other seven additions to my collection came with parasites, and all are from respected sources. if you can get the parasites under control (i.e. at least two consecutive clean fecals) before you put frogs in vivs, you should have it made. if you don't and the frogs stand around in their own poop all day every day, the parasite loads are likely to reach critical points eventually. once you put frogs with parasites into vivs, you cannot get them clean without tearing down your viv. do a search for lots more info on this topic

hope this helps, and keep the questions coming.

If i was to get my first frogs from Frye Brothers, (i have checked out the website extensively lol) would i still have to get the fecal checked out, or would that be something i would talk over with him before hand? Just wondering, i'm thinking that if he's the guy to do it, then maybe? his frogs would come without parasites....just a thought

Since Leucs are supposed to be aboreal, i thought that my 25g high would be perfect for them since i could put plants and background etc for them to climb.

Thanks for the info!

Would a 25g high tank be to small for 3-4 D. auratus? I'm thinking i like the blue ones better than the green. I just found out how many babies leucs have at one time, and the prospect is a little daunting to say the least lol

auratus have a well deserved reputation for being shy. the blue and black especially. i have some and love them, don't get me wrong, but as first frogs they might be disappointing in that you may never see them. leucs and tincs are much bolder, thus easier to enjoy. tincs are aggressive, so only kept in pairs, but two of them have enough personality to make up for it. they are completely unafraid of you and are constantly out in the open where they can be watched and enjoyed.

I've decided to go with the leucs, i started my vivarium last night. WOW, that is a bunch of work we've gotten as far a making up the false bottom and putting on the great stuff to dry. Tonight when i get off work i'll need to carve out some, and then start putting the silicone and coco fiber on the back. The leucs that i'm going to get a black and orange is that normal? I thought they were usually black and yellow. This is all pretty exciting.


Isn't it? I am doing the same thing here with Luecs as well... First frogs and first Viv...But it is taking me some time because I took part of it down and am not putting a false bottom in my first Viv. I am also waiting on my husband to cut the plexi glass for the bottom piece and waiting and waiting... Still trying to figure out how to make a door on a vert but if worse coes to worse I can always use tape till I figure it out ha ha.

same situation here aswell Tongue

first frogs, but 2nd viv. first viv was a roughly tossed together one for some geckos, nothing proper, just 3 inches of dirt and tropical plants. new viv is taking a while to do. started it at the beginning of feb and just finished getting it inside last friday. now it just needs doors, a top, plumbing, and to be filled with everything.

Hi there! I am new to this board but have been in the hobby for a little while( ie had my first pair of azureus of almost 2 months now :lol: )(I thought about it and researched it for over 2 years before I commited to purchase the frogs- sexed azureus are pricey and they don't do as well in groups b/c of agression issues. But they are bols and are almost always out and about around the viv and are such vibrant beautiful blue that thay were really the only ones I wanted (at first :lol: ) now I am currently constructing a vert for a pair of thums and decided to use piano hinges that I got from and siliconed vertically to the side of the glass door. that way there is no visual obstruction across the front of the glass from the hinge. another advantage is it opens to the side like aregular door instead of down like a dishwasher door. so it is easier to get into the tank for maintainence. i don't have any pics of the door construction yet but I will try to post some soon to give you an idea how it looks.

This is a great hobby and the boards are a fantastic resource. ENJOY!!!

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