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Live Streaming Frog Web Cams

Does anyone on this board have a frog cam set up? When I went looking for frog cams every dart frog cam was no longer workingSad((( I wanted to see some up close for a change. We are getting a pair next weekend...

I have a webcam setup in my frog room. It is down right now for maintenance on my website, however it will be back up tomorrow evening.

It will be looking into a Large Exo_Terra with 2 x D. Tinc Brazilian Yellow Heads.


Great! I will be checking it out tomorrow... please get online to let me know when it is up and working.

speaking of cams.

when is the Dartcam here going to be working?

Alright...the FrogRoom cam is up and running again.

The image refreshes about every 3 it should always be fairly current.

My lights are set to be on from that is the ideal viewing times. During other hours the cam is still up and running, however you will most likely see a black image due to the lack of light; or if I am in the room you will be able to see the tank from the room light.

Enjoy and please let me know what you all think. I will move the camera to see different views every week or so.


cool. i'll have to check it out tomarrow during the day.

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