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How Many Frogs for a 135 Gallon vivarium ?

I am having built a half hexagon acrylic tank with all drainage and ventilation holes. The dimensions are 60x24x24 @ 135 gallons, rainmaker misters, waterfall, med vegitation, moss, maybe a small stream - everything as close to nature as possible. My questions is how many frogs (Pairs-singles) can I put in a this tank and any recomondations ? This tank is going to take awhile to do, it is a family project and is going to be our hobby together, so I would like to here from anyone out there with ideas, suggestions, warnings or any thing at all.


the Moraleses

The tank will have a good size footprint, but somewhat short on height. Once you get your false bottom/drainge layer you will probably be down to about 20" of height or less.
Typically we would recommend auratus, leucomelas, galactonotus, terribilis, vittatus. Most of these are readily available, and all of these will do well in groups of each morph, however not mixed.

You could comfortably house 8 or so in that size tank.


That's true, I can always have it built to 30'' tall or so. Also I don't know how it would look. I guess it will be ok taller I am planning on it being a center piece wood base and wood around the top also to house the lights. Do you have any opinions on vegetation? I would like it to be natural as possible.
Thank you for your help

The Moraleses

for vegetation, once you decide on a type of frog to get, you could find out what part of the world its native to and try to use plants native to that area.

perhaps even try to find pics of its native area and make the tank look similar to the pics.

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