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Addicted and Without Frogs

I think I need a 12 step program.

I learned about frogs.... I can't even remember now, but it most have been off the internet somewhere, like I was looking for different foods for my turtle... Anyway, after I saw my first site (Black Jungle Terrariums) I have been addicted. I come home, get on the computer. I research state laws, breeding habits, color morphs, EVERYTHING there is to know about poison dart frogs. I am in love with them. But I remain frogless!!!! I am pretty sure I will buy an adult pair of cobalt tinctorius, but not in the near future. That doesn't bother me much, but I still lay awake at night thinking about them. Thinking about their babies and their terrarium, the lighting I will use and the plants. I even have names. Richard and Drucilla. Noble, don't you think? Well, at least I did. But, still, frogless.

Ack. I feel like a crazy, possessed person. My friends give me funny glances whenever I talk about them, and I yammer on so much, I'm sure they know as much about frogs as I do.

Alas, that is my tale of woe.


Aside from the melodrama thing, I am so happy to be here, even if noobs like me can ask stupid questions sometimes. Smile

Much love!!

Don't feel to bad... I am right there with youSmile Once I decided I was going to have frogs I have been searching EVERYWHERE for ANYTHING related to them. I have read articles as old as in the 1980's. I am also planning on going to the IAD to learn more about the frogs I am going to be keeping. Besides where else could I go to see so many different frogs in person besides the frog day I just missed? I am actually pretty excited about going. It is an 8 hour drive from Michigan.

It's nice to know I'm not alone in the world of froglessness Big Grin

It is cool that they have a frog day shishkabob in Michigan, though, in Colorado there is only the annual Hepetological Society thing, at least that I am aware of. Good luck with your froggies, and let me know what kind they are when you get them!

What is this about michigan? I live there. o.o

Imma nub so I am kinda lost here. x.x

Welcome! So where are you from?

I live in shelby township. Oh, I get it now, I didn't read the post correctly. Lol, I thought you were talking about a reptile/anfibian show or something that would sell poison dart frogs. Not a place to learn about them. My bad.

Also, would a 12x12x24 inch viv be big enough for like 2 poison dart frogs? And if so, what would be the best species for that size enclosure and for a beginner.
If it is not, I guess I could just get some tree frogs and wait till I have more money for poison darts.

I have a modified version of this.

i'm here with you too Tongue

i want frogs and i can't wait to get some frogs.
yet, my desire to not screw up on my new viv like i did with my first one (it died), will have me taking my time and trying to make everything perfect.

thus, it'll be another few months before i get any frogs.

Yes in Taylor there is a reptile show where you can buy Dart Frogs it happens the second Sat of the month. If you want you can do like me and call quailty exotics and pay for your frogs and pick them up at the show. Go to and click on the quality exotics links. There are also a few others from Michigan that have good reps on this board that sells frogs as well.

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