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Is a Water Feature needed ?

So I heard that the frogs can drown, and did not want to have to use a pump and have water on the ground, but I still really like the idea of water trickler thingees in the wood, but then you need a pump, and if I didn't use a water feature and instead relied on little water cup things would the frogs be unhappy?? From what I have read there needs to be some water in the substrate so the plants can be happy... I am so confused.

What, in your opinion, is the best way to give the frogs and plants the water they need without having a bunch of water on the bottom?

I have no problems with twice daily misting.

Ayudame!! (Who says you can't use anything you learned in school? :lol: )

dart frogs can drown if thiers a water feature? first time i've heard that one Tongue

if you have live plants, yea, the substrate needs to be wet. afterall, most plants will die if not watered Tongue

it's important that water features are easy to get out of, but usually you hear of drownings in the context of aggression.

yea, drowning via fighting i figured, but if they can get out i doubt they would normally drown.

Frogs can swim in water, no prob. I had one scare the s*** out of me when it dove under and hid in it, as an escape route, when I stuck my hand in to trim some plants. about 20 sec. later it popped back up and went back to hunting.
What you want to avoid is shallow water where one could pin another one under and drown it that way. Also make sure they can't get trapped under anything in a water feature. I recommend steep sides/banks with at least two inches of water in a feature.
Don't be afraid to use them, I think they look great in vivs. :wink:

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