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I am getting my frogs tomorrow ! auratus

YES! I am getting my frogs tomorrow. How can you all just choose one type? Ronda (my almost daughter) wanted the Bronze auratus... I like the looks of the reticulated myself and the Leucomelas and the azureus and the Patricas and the Cobalts and the..... So since I have the 3 tanks..only one has been made into a Viv and it still doesn't have a proper door, I am going to buy wood tomorrow as well.. I decided to get the reticulated Auraus as well as the Luecs. I can already see that this is going to be a problem.

Soon to have:

0.0.3 Leucs
0.0.2 Bronze auratus
0.0.4 reticulated auratus


it'll still be a while before i can get mine Tongue

I am sorta scared...I should have done a lot of things first now that I think about it... I should have gotten FF cultures started instead of buying a few when I get the frogs.. I have only 1 Viv completed.. Should have gotten all 3 done but I can keep the Auratus's in a QT for a little longer then I wanted in order to get the wood that I need. The next two are going to have a larger foot print and will have water features. I have a small pond in the one I have and I am thinking since the 15 has such a small footprint I may fill it in. Decisions decisions.....

I would only get one pair to start off. Give it a month or two then get your other frogs. This is not a hobby you want to rush into.

I'd second that. You are taking a big risk starting off with nine frogs and not having any cultures going.

gotta agree with all they said Tongue

the reason i'm waiting for a while to get some frogs is because once i finish making my viv, i'm going to set it up, tweak it so the heat/humidity is correct, then let it sit for a month to establish itself. and during this month i'll be practicing raising FFs.

that way when i do get frogs i'll already have an established food supply and the viv will be as ready as possible for them.

I also agree with whats been said. Tina, you're jumping head first into a pool in the dark. I hope there's water in it.

I know all all of that... That is why I stated that I am scared... YIKES. My frog aren't going into any Vivs until the Viv is all right and tight. I will just have to be extra careful and plan on driving long distances if my FF cultures don't do as well as expected. I was going to be buying only one culture of the large FFs BUT now I am going to be buying both types of FF in 2 different stages of development just to be on the safe side. It will just cost me a little more to make sure I am not screwing the frogs up and I will have to work harder.
Look on the bright side....At least I won't be stressing them out because I want to see one pair all the time. :wink: Also I have done nothing but read about frogs for the last month straight minus taking out time to watch LOST! and Survivor. I have read all of the past posts on this board and all of the dendroboard last week and almost all of the dendroworld as well as reading,, doyles dart den etc way to many to list.. I have about 50 different places bookmarked on making vivs, caring for frogs, etc and I am planning on attending the IAD next month as well for all the seminars. I have called a few well respected froggers and talked to them as well so I will have verbal back up....I hope.Smile Besides I hope to have you all to help me out if I fall to hard.

Coming into this from a 15+ years of dogshowing/breeding background means and/or shows that I am not a flybynight and have a lot in common with a few aspects of what others are going though or have gone through. Kinda a "Trail by fire" or "paying my dues" on hyperdrive kind of thing. In dogs you are considered a "newbie" for almost 10 years even if you have a Best in Show dog after 5 years.. So I understand my place in this community better then most and won't struggle against the invisable bonds of where my placement is (somewhere in the basement :lol: ). I AM going to make stupid mistakes because after all I am a newbie here :oops: I just know that I will have to make the best of my mistakes and hope that you will all forgive me because I am such a wonderfully funny person at times who is also stupid at times.

Good Luck

Awwww come on now.. Don't be like that. I realize we have bitten off a little to much to chew right now but also remember it is not just me here. The Luec trio is mine and the pair of Bronzes is Rondas who is an adult as well. The 4 retics will be both of ours. Except for the Luecs who will need more care the others are all over 4 months old. It is not just me going to care for them ...just one household with two different owners. Put in that perspective shouldn't the froggies will have twice the care?

I meant that in a good way, Sorry.

Phew.... Thank you.. I fully plan to post any problems or successes I have. Sometimes stupidity is a vir Opps virtue. Other people can learn from my stupid mistakes. I hope you all like pictures cause I have a camera... Just warning you. I may take a picture of my doorless viv tonight if you don't mind the elctrical tape holding the fake door on and if anyone is interested.

its not too big a deal. i'm sure everybody that visits this forum has been the victum of a spur of the moment purchase Tongue

What you about to do has probably been done a million times, so dont worry, maybe a little bit of a leap but nothing a reasonable person cant handle. Make sure you get at least 4-5 cultures in 2 species,2 stages. Maybe some springtails as well. How old are your new frogs, has this been addressed and i missed it. Springtails are easy to feed and easier, not to mention cheaper to culture than any other frog in my opinion. They should be included in every begginning dart collection. Look around for someone at your local shows with pinheads and get those in emergencies from shippers or locals. Preparation is key, when your about to accept a large amount of frogs at once.

How long were you planning on keeping the frogs in quarantine?


Darts with parasites are analogous to mixed tanks, there are no known benefits to the frogs with either.

If tone is more important to you than content, you are at the wrong place.

My new email address is: and new phone number is 773 577 3476

I have 2 different type of FF cultures at 2 different stages. I have everything I need to make more cultures as well. I have a supply of pinhead crickets if needed since the local pet supplies plus now stocks them on a daily basis. I plan on keeping the larger frogs in a QT for a few weeks (3-4) and the smaller ones in a QT tank for a few months till they are larger. I made the mistake of taking my 17 year old son and he talked me into 2 patricas that are about 4 months old. I swear I am weak.... They all species in their own circular containers that are the size of a large cookie box. I don't like how hard it is to take off the top and may switch over to a different design like 2.5 gallon aquariums.

I fed the frogs about an hour after we put them in their containers the Patricas ate everything right away the others haven't, at least not to my knowledge I put only about 10 FF in each container. I am thinking that the Luecs and the Reticulated Auratus are to small to be put on wet moss and am going to switch them over to paper towels later today. The Bronzes are hiding as well although they are almost as big as the Pats. Can you feed them too much? The Pats seem to want more.

2 of the luecs are now happily hunting 20 mins after adding the FFSmile As well as a few of the retic aurarus the bronzes are still in hiding.

Just try not to disturb the frogs to much. Also if you have cats watch out. I had a pair of bastimentos in the same round container that Bill sells. I was using it for a quarantine tank and my cats knocked it off the shelf and then got the lid off, no more bastis. Sad

Unless you plan on collecting fecals for tests, I would leave them on the moss. Be sure to add a lot of cover for them to hide in (leaf litter, cuttings, film vials...) Keep the containers misted well. Too many flies left in there enclosures can stress them out, and cause them not to eat, but several small portions can be added until you see a few left over from the prior feedings. Be sure to use some good supplements as well.
I'm sure your probably aware of all this, but If the frogs are healthy, you shouldn't have any problems.
Congrats on your new additions :wink:

No cats... the only thing not in a cage (17 year old double yelow headed amazon parrot) or an Aquarium is my 12 year old Shiba Inu. I am glad I got so many frogs because soooo many people want to look at them all the time! I switched the retic auratus ove to paper towels since the luecs are doing fine on the moss. I have them on my kitchen table right now till I find a place for them all. I am worried about how warm they are. The house is 70 but the little containers seem colder. I also have a least 20 FF escapees hopping around the house somewhere!

PS made my first two FF cultures today... How often should I make cultures?

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