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HIGH quality humidity meter !

I'm fed up looking at the inexpensive/cheap humidity meters/hygrometers "hoping" to find one that will work. I'd like to invest in a good quality meter that will give accurate readings and last.

When I was doing tropical fish the Hanna Instrument company had good reliable meters for testing water parameters that a lot of hobbyists recommended and used. I checked their web site - - and they also sell hygrometers starting at $250. I don't mind spending that for a quality meter. Before I do I thought I would check first to see if anybody here uses a quality meter in that price range that they would recommend I check out as well.


Wal-mart, target, etc. have "weather stations" that give you all kinds of weather specs from basic models that offer temp. to ones that give bar. pressure, etc. I use a very cheap weather station I got for $15-$20 that has a temp prob and tells temp and humidity. Just keep in mind that the probe does not tell humidity, you have to actually stick the thing in the tank. It is good for getting readings, but I would want they thing in my tanks all the time.

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