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Just a question, some mold is starting to appear on my wood. Some is lime green/yellowish and other is pale green and whitish. Is this healthy? Or should I take the wood out? Thank you.

So I actually took the time to search for the answer and found out that it should clear in a few days to a week. Weird though that mold would appear in a viv located in Arizona. I guess it just shows that im doing a good job of keeping the humidity up.

While mold in a newly setup vivarium is a common occurance, depending on what type of wood you used, it my or may not cycle itself out.
Grapewood is bad about constantly growing mold. Most other types of wood will eventually clear of the mold.

Yeah, mold will appear usually for the first month or so after setting up a viv. It then usually goes away or sprouts back up now and then. Nothing to worry about though.

Well I have some form of drift wood and mesquite wood. On the mesquite I am now noticing small black colored mold. Is this bad? Black usually isn't a normal color.

EDIT: I am now thinking that it is more brown than black. Either way, it is still a dark color.

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