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190 oz. Quarantine/Temporary Enclosures

These 190 oz. 9.75 x 6.0" clear containers make great enclosures for new frogs as you quarantine them or as temporary enclosures for young frogs. * Save time and money * Stackable, save space and protect the animals * Create professional looks while saving money * Very tight fitting, snap on lids prevent escaping * No need to tape or staple top * Easy to label and organize

1 for $2.99
10 for $24.99

Order at

True, very true. I have a few of those and I use them when cleaning or adding new features to the vivarium. Very uselful.

ummmmm.... are there holes in the top so that the frogs can breathe?


There are holes in mine. If they don't come with them simply poke em through with a needle. Im sure they come with air holes...

No, they do NOT have holes poked in them. I put sphagnum moss and pothos in them with juvies and will quartine with moist paper towels, pothos, and leaves.

Jesse Wrote:ummmmm.... are there holes in the top so that the frogs can breathe?


In most cases, just opening the container to do routine feedings and maybee a mist here in there is going to let enough air in...

Brian T. Sexton

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