Is a Water Feature needed for Tricolors ?

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I'm just expounding on a question posed in the previous tricolor post - how important is a water feature for a Tricolor viv ? I've read somewhere that they like moving water, but then again, I've read more conflicting information on Tricolors than any other frog. Anyone have any experience with water movement and this species ?
I do not have a water feature in with mine and they breed great. My enclosure is very humid, and there is a small (2oz) cup for them to deposit tads, if I miss the eggs. This has happened to me several times. My tricolors seem to be somewhat seasonal in their breeding, which is good because they lay a ton of eggs! The eggs seem to be a lot more prone to molding than those of my other frogs. The tads morph pretty fast and I get them into a morphing container as soon as the front legs appear. They are the one of loudest callers I have, but it is a nice call.

I have heard that trivittatus need moving water and a large enclosure in order to breed, and I have a stream in my enclosure. No breeding yet! But the people I know that bred them kept them in groups too, I only have 1:1.

I answered more than you asked, but hope it helps!

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