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To siphon or drain?

I would like hear from those of you who have experience with multiple types of setups as to your opinions on the best way to remove excess water from vivs.

I think overflow drains would be the easiest, care free way to handle it, but of course that envolves drilling holes in the glass.

For one or two vivs, I guess siphoning is no big deal; however, taking care of 10, 15, or more would become time consuming. There is also the problem of determining the correct schedule and sticking to it.

I love the using an canaster filter with the bottom drilled out I have great luck with this.

I only have 4 tanks....................DRAIN!!! Big Grin

I only have 2 a little 20g and a big 150g

I only have one Viv so far, but I will always go with using overflow drains for the ease of use, lower maintenance, and future ease of reservoir maintenance (one huge reservoir is easier then 5-10 smaller ones Tongue ).

You also don't necessarily HAVE to drill tanks to use them either.

if you have a vert, then you can put the drain hole on the front of it and use elbows, then your aquarium will still be fine for future use as a fish tank or whatever.

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