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bioseal, DAP Silicone and GE II ?
I went to home depot today and all they had in black was the stuff with Bioseal. I didn't buy it and still don't know if I should. This question has been asked a billion times I know and even I posted this question just recently. So what should I do. I couldn't find DAP that said it was food safe. And of course the toothless lady I asked had no idea. She got her supervisor, who incidently, had teeth but reeked of BO and he also was clueless. Any suggestions ? I won't ever post anything about GE II again, I promise.
From what i have read,it has always had bio-seal,but now its on the bottle just for marketing but is still okay to use...
thanks i'll give it a try
Is the dap version okay as well? it has microban, which is their version of GE's bioseal. I'm assuming neither have changed and both are for marketing
If its the equivalent of bio-seal than i would assume so.
hey biocmp,

do you know something i don't? from a quick search it seems that the kitchen/bathroom silicone and anything like 'ultra' or 'titanium' contains the microban, but the "100% silicone" listed for indoor/outdoor, which carries the 'safe for food contact' label, doesn't appear to contain mold inhibitors.

Yes, I believe you are right, but it doesn't come in black. I guess I am buying the one ofr doors/windows/molding, and it does come with the microban sticker. If you can find the food safe in black online, I am all ears and willing to purchase it.
i get it in black and brown (which is called bronze)from my local hardware store. ace also ordered it for me. you could also try dap's website
mack, mind posting a link?
#10 . the "almond" color is close the the color of unsealed foam, not very pretty for our purposes. bronze or black are what i use.
Sorry mack, I should have been more specific. I meant a place that sells it. I found it on dap's website, and I appreciate the help. But I can't find it at the local home depot or lowe's.
also, I've been using the alex ultra for the backs and completed 2 tanks with it. I am going to cycle it (aka--hook up the misters and let it get wet) for about a month before putting anything in it. I think I am going to take back what i have left and get just regular ge silicon II with bioseal. Nobody is having a problem with it, so that's what i might have to do

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