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Clouded eyes

one of my frogs has clouded eyes. i'd guess the age to be about a year to two years. i bought [hopefully a] her and another one together about 6 months ago, and have always appeared fine. i don't know how long she's been like this but it couldn't have been that long i check on them regularly. i feed her strickly fruit flies w/vitamins. i've noticed she's looking a little thinner lately, so maybe she's not eating as well. it's wierd though because she looks like she's eating just fine, maybe her reaction time isn't as good or something. she acts fine otherwise. here's a picture. the other eye looks the exact same.

[Image: dsc08003uh4.jpg]

My male azureus seems to have the same thing. I noticed it the other day. He still eats fine and gets flies on the 1st or 2nd try. Hmmm....

My Cobalt tincs seems to get fruitflies on the first or second try as well. His eyes look just fine--but sometimes they look cloudy in photos I take of him. This may be a stupid question, but do your frog's eyes look cloudy in all settings of light or do just see it in photos? It may be that the eyes are just catching the light.

Also, what kind of vitamins do you feed? I've been told by a breeder to mix Rep-Cal and Herptivite for the best vitamin/calcium coverage.

no this one frogs eyes look like that all the time. i feed with a mix of rep-cal and herptivite every day. it's been about a week now since i noticed her eyes, and she isn't doing very well. i took the other two frogs out of the tank so it's just her by herself and the other two don't eat all her food. it's sad because you can see her jumping around looking for food, but it appears to have affected her vision and she has a hard time finding it. even when she does see some and go after them, she often misses and barely ever catches any. she's getting thin and i'm afraid she might die soon, but i don't know what to do.

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