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good darts for newb?
i was looking into dart frogs a week ago and thought they were pretty cool. after looking, i think im going to start. I was thinking about getting some dendrobates auratus. the hawaiian green and black ones. i want to start w/ a cheap one preferably a pair under $50. If you know any other pdf that sells that low i'd be happy to consider it.also, its going in a ten gallon for about a half a month, and when i move my turtles out of the 35 the darts will go in. Thanks.
also, is this an active frog? i want one that will go around the viv. when im watching them, no shy frogs! also i heard luecs are good and cheap. are they shy? Thanks
Hi. I have both Auratus and Luecs, not together. Both types are fairly out going. But my Blue Azureus are the most outgoing. If you can save $$$ to buy one or two that is the bravest frog I have. Before investing in frogs get your fruit fly cultures going. Also really research the pdf hobby.
Good Luck!
If you would like them to be very active and "showy," using a large terrarium provides a spacious, comfortable space for your frog to explore.

If you would like to find frogs cheap, its a great idea to search some good retile expos in your area. Try for starts. Many vendors come from all around to advertise their specimens and can answer a lot of key questions you may have.

Considering you want an outgoing frog I would suggest a Phyllobates vittatus.
It's only 5$ more than a Green and Black Auratus and is also very bold in the terrarium. Here is a breeder to get them. ... tatus.html
id say go luecsSmile
they are only 30 bucks at frog shows :twisted:
sorry i meant the blue and bronze are only 30 buck at frog shows
I second the recommendation of the leucomelas.
All of my froglets have been shy while growing up except the leucs.
Out and about from the get go.
i agree if you don't want auratus get the luecs

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