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bloat? impaction? Please help
I have searched the forums and read the stickys, but am not sure if this is something to worry about? The dart fattened up in less than 2 days. Please help!

Azureus: December 31
[Image: th_Azureus.jpg]

January 7
[Image: th_Azureus-Jan7008.jpg]

[Image: th_Azureus-Jan7015.jpg]

Jan 8

well this morning i found her and her right rear leg was not functional. the dart has been isolated and put in a pedialyte bath (for now). i have no access to a ringer sol'n, any recommendations? i am afraid to give her calcuim drops.... please help!!! fecals have been clean, dusting with vitamins 5 days a week. these azureus were purchased in aug and were told they were 3-4 months out of the water. could expired vitamins be a cause?(i have recently picked up new powders)? thanks!

[Image: th_Azureus-Jan8004.jpg]
Any updates on the condition of the frog?

Thank you for your concern, Cindy, but unfortunately I lost that frog. I immediately quarantined its male counterpart and got some fecals done. Apparently hookworm came up in the examination, and my blue azureus has been dosed with panacur weekly per doctors recommendations. I am going to send for another fecal this week and see what comes up.

Besides losing the frog, I have to scrap the whole viv, which I was growing riccia and had some brom pups for other tanks! O well, back to the drawing board with new viv plans.
...and I thought I was aggravated when I had to fix my aqua pump. Bummer about your dart. Sad
I'm sorry to hear about that!

I know the riccia is not salvagable, but could you possibly bleach the bromeliad pups?
I have heard that a 10% or 3% (depends on who you are talking to) bleach solution will do the trick, but I am not going to find out. I am not going to chance it, I have to order some plantlife anyway for the new viv. I feel bad for my azureus, he is all alone now! anyone in south florida have a female?!
Same exact thing is happening to my poor female! I also live in South Florida! I don't know what to do, maybe I will take her out now Sad Does this mean I have to destroy my whole also?
I am not sure what happened to my female, but the male gave positive fecals afterwards. I would recommend a fecal sample, and maybe even a call to a reputable vet.
Thank you for replying. Even though I live in Miami (a big city), there is only one vet that I know for exotics and at the moment, he is not working. What vet do you use? I gave her a saline bath which took her bloating down enough for me to see that she is large on her sides, not in the middle which I am hoping is eggs. I have searced all over the internet and although I have found stuff on development, I yet to find anything on prego frogs themselves. She is not really eating (she ate 2 flies this morning). She also insists on sitting in her egg dish (dish w/ shallow water) all day. Was your female always sitting in water? Hm, well, we will see...
Yes, it seems similar. I strongly recommend a fecal sample to see if your dart is carrying any parasites. is the website for Dr. Frye, who did my samples and helped me medicate my male back to health. I always called first before sending fecals, but I can't seem to find the phone number now. After he did my fecals, he called me personally and talked with me regarding medication, frog health, etc. Great guy!

I also think many froggers are at a convention this weekend and away from their precious message boards, so this might be why responses are slow.

Good luck, keep us posted!
I tried emailing him the other day but it came up unknown. She hasn't gotten any worse, and even though her appetite isn't what it used to be, she still eats a few flies every time. I am kind of in the air about parasites, from the research I've done, some people say that parasites are more or less a way of life for darts? If someone could clarify this it would be helpful. Where is the convention located? Thanks!
the post immediately before this one has Dr. Frye info:

I might have been wrong about the convention, I think it was earlier this month.

I think parasites are a serious problem and darts are healthier after being properly diagnosed and treated.

just my 2 cents! glad to hear she isn't getting any worse.
I had a frog that had almost the exact same problem except that it was both back legs. I didn't know about this site then, but dissected the frog at the time and found hookworms. I also had another that died as a froglet that was very bloated that was loaded with hookworms. The froglet was still in a 5 gallon quarantine tank with paper towel, but we didn't give it any medication. I was only quarantining out of habit to make sure they were eating well (I have many marine aquariums as well). Both frogs came from the same breeder and I am guessing that the 2 that we still have probably are infected as well. I am going to analyze their stool (I am a Med Tech and a nerd with a couple microscopes at home) and then look into getting the appropriate medication from Dr. Frye. I will also be moving those two back to quarantine for treatment and taking down the vivarium, I wanted to redo it anyway. Our current frogs, an azureus and a citronella are about 2 years old but are still about half the size of other adults that I have seen at displays and I am guessing that an ongoing hookworm infection is reponsible for their stunted growth.
from my limited experience its sounds very similar. Good luck!

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