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What is a good Tank size for 3 different Dart Species ?
I would like to house 3 kinds of poison dart frogs together. A breeder said it would be ok. Would these three be ok together, and if they bred would the other species eat some other species babies, and what size tank would I need to house them all together, the species are dendrobates azureus, auratus, and, the tourquois one, (it says it is also called auratus on the breeders website,). Could I house them all together ?
mixing (this means cross breeding too) different poison dart frog morphs is highly frowned upon in the pdf hobby and yes there are many different auratus morphs out there and mixing them is also frowned upon one
another thing is the azureus can be very territorial and can lead to the deaths of tankmates from stress
there have been people that mix species of dart frogs in one tank but they gennerally have a good deal of experience with dart frogs and (i would hope most) destroy the eggs so they do not release a mixed morph into the hobby
ok, i will not house them together, but what size tank would you need to house a male and female in their own enclosier,
A ten or 15 gallon will provide enough space for a pair of D. auratus. I keep mine in a 20 gallon tall.
Are there any species of frogs you can house together? I know when I have went to exhibits sometimes there will be multiple colors of frogs in one enclosure? Just wondering. Thanks.
Hello Veggirl777,
welcome to the forum.
A simple answer to your question is no.
There are some factors that come into play that could change that however, size of the enclosure, species in question.

If you are just starting in the hobby, I would suggest one specie per tank.

Zoos and institutions have limited space to work with but they try to get as many animals on view for the public as possible, and sometimes this means mixing species.
The bigger the tank, the better !

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