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Viv setup - need to choose frogs - help

Greetings everyone, new to this community.
I set up my Viv about 2-3 months ago.
20 gallon tall

Now I need to select some frogs.
This website has a nice sheet here:
And it poses several questions to answer for yourself when considering choosing a frog. I would like to post what my desires are, and then my hope is that you kind folks will suggest a frog species that will best match those criteria.

First off - here is my terrarium so far:

Our preference is for a larger frog. Thumbnails seem a little small for what I'm trying to achieve. The color that most interests us is blue, this leaves us with many options. We also really like the blue and yellow combinations seen in the cobalts and other similar tincs. For our first foray we would prefer something that is a tad on the beginner side. We have been keeping fish for years and have had great success with our aquarium(s). Also, the temperature and humidity in the Viv has been very stable the last few months. It sits around 72F and 90% humidity with a deviation of less than five in both areas... I have a little meter that lets me check min and max over time. So, we could -probably- handle an "intermediate" level species. We would like to avoid shy/hiding frogs. Something that will be active and enjoyable to watch. It would be really nice if we could get something that would like to climb a little bit... but from what I've read so far, the larger frogs that are more social tend to be terrestrial only. As for the call, something that is subdued would be preferred. Nothing shrill or sharp and staccato.
Given that, could you recommend some frogs?
Here is what we have been considering:
tinc Citronella
Surinam Cobalt
French Guiana Cobalt

One thing about the blue and yellow frogs... if the yellow is washed and not a vivid yellow then we might prefer just an all blue frog or another species with a vivid yellow. We also prefer the yellow to be more striped than blotchy dots. I know this can also depend on bloodline and where you get the frogs. Well, thats another part of the question. Where do you recommend getting the frogs from? They would be shipping to Austin, TX.

Also, do you recommend two or four? If four seems reasonable then we would be interested in getting two different species.
Maybe two Azureus and two tincs? Just look at these cute little guys here in this petri dish:
Which tinc is that in the water? Would two pairs of adults of these species get on well?

I've also started figuring out what I need to do to prepare for the arrival of our new friends.
I figured I would get the fruit flies going a week ahead of time (from here):
The care kit looks nice.

I also understand that I should keep them in a plastic container with layers of moist paper towels for a few weeks. During the period it would be recommended to collect some of their droppings and send them for analysis and then follow a treatment recommendation?
Is there any documentation for this? Who provides this service?

Also, since I really don't have a water feature in my Viv, how should I handle water? I have these nut cup looking things... they look like they come from the jungle. I have been keeping water in them and just having them sit in my Viv.... just to make sure everything is OK. Will that be good or should I get something else for water?

Any other recommendations?


welcome. first, most folks advocate only one species/morph per enclosure. do a search for "mixing" or "hybrid" to get the details.

secondly, our austin group of texas dart frogs is meeting sunday the 28th at 3:00 pm, tentatively at my house. p.m. me for details. come ask some questions, and look at some tanks. i have a couple of morphs of tincs, including cobalts, so you can see them in person.



This would be absolutely wonderful.

Could you please PM me details? I wasn't aware that Austin had a group. Is there an online presence?

Thank you

i'll pm you the details for the next meeting. meanwhile there is an online presence. join the mailing list at marcos(blort) from houston set things up. cindy dicken, who is the most patient and consistently helpful person on this board, got together a group in the dallas area. erin (elp0901) and i organize the austinites.

hope to see you soon,


I had a great time yesterday. We learned quite a bit, you all were so helpful with answering our questions.

I still don't know the name of one of the plants that I brought.
However, you can see it in one of the pictures in the first post of this thread.
Maybe you can tell me what the heck it is?
Its the one all the way to the right. You can see its tiny green flowers.
It has grown quite a bit since that first picture was taken. You can get a general idea of its habit by looking at this picture:
It is all the way on the right again.

I was wondering if you could also tell me the name of the little bugs you gave me... not the Springtails, the others.

Thanks again, we had a lot of fun. We're excited about getting our cultures going and then we'll look forward to getting some Cobalts from Carlos.

yeah, it was nice to meet ya'll. the bugs were dwarf white woodlice/isopods. as for the plant, i'm just not sure. if i figure it out i'll let you know.

Just wondering if you ever got an ID on the plant?
Pilea maybe?

Hi, I have been looking on here for hours trying to see if I can keep dart frogs with fish? Can u recommened any suitable fish?Do they get along ok, would the fish eat any eggs the frog lays? Thanks,

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