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Are Dart Frogs the right hobby for me ?

right now, I have two dogs, and have to devote at least 8 hours of my day to school work (except weekends). Right now, my roomate thinks that the dogs already take up to much of my energy (so very wrong) and won't consent to it unless I can convince him that it is

a.) possible
b.) worth it

I love these frogs, but I don't know if I can keep them, I need to know if it would be a good hobby for me.

The problem is that the hobby is so addictive. Once you have a tank and some frogs it's hard not to immediately start planning for more. If you choose your frogs carefully (the ones you really really want), and build the tank for their needs, it's not too much work at all. Give yourself plenty of time to build the tank and start culturing bugs before you get the frogs. after that you can take care of one tank of frogs and their tads in less than an hour per day (10 minutes some days to just feed and mist, and a few hours on days you make cultures,prune, do water changes, whatever). initial quarantine (do a search) can be much more time consuming as you give meds and change and bleach containers.

On the other hand, if you don't have time to enjoy the frogs, perhaps it's best to wait.

good luck!


Sounds like it's in my abilities, what frogs should I start out with?

i looked for this post yesterday, but got sidetracked. the initial answer from cindy is a good list of starter frogs. the thread goes all plant-y after that.

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