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Midwest frog fest on Labor day weekend?

I didn't know what category to put this in...
I can think of one pro, and more than a few cons for this date...


Most people will have the weekend off, so they may not have to use vacation time.


Labor day weekend, most people have family gatherings and such going on, some as a tradition, that is not something you just cancel.
I would bet traffic will be nuts.
I would also bet hotels may be at a premium (reserve now).

Any thoughts?

Dave/Erin, if you're reading this, is the date etched in stone?

Brian T. Sexton

I for one can not make that date. I am out of town every Labor day weekend starting on Friday night through Sunday . I really hope this datye can change. I would HATE to have to miss it. I think many actually would also miss that date.


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I was planning on going again this year but it being labor day weekend i can not. I am glad that this was brought up Brian.

Same here. I cannot go on Labor day. I overheard a few froggers at the MI meeting with the same issue.

Someone should let Dave know about this thread so he can comment, but I would be very shocked if the date could be changed due to the fact that hotel conference rooms are booked solid during the wedding season (of which september is a part).

Maybe with the longer weekend we will pick up people from farther away? - All Your Poison Dart Frog Supplies in One Place!

The date was arranged so that it would NOT cut into American Frog Day in New York. AFD used to be on a three day weekend every year when it was in San Jose. While yes, we have heard some people mention that it is nt a good time for them (it is the high travel of summer), a larger number have commented that it will be a great time for them to come. That being said, we will return the show date to late summer earl fall next year.

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