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Looking for frogs in Cities on my road trip (Tulsa- Orlando)

I will be going from Tulsa to Port St. Lucie, Fl in June and am looking to buy/sell/trade frogs along the way. Since there aren't very many local breeders here and shipping costs are so high I'd like to see who has these species in these cities. thanks for looking and responding if you can help.

PS I will have azureus froglets to sell or trade.

Frogs I'm looking for: Most thumbnail species (pumilio, intermedius) Terribilis (mint, orange, yellow), Male Citronella Tinc. Galactontotus, luecomelas, Matecheco Tinc. Possibly other tincs.

Cities I'll be passing through: Little Rock, Memphis, Birmingham, Atlanta, Gainsville, Orlando.


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